About SOOP

Fresh homemade soup is a celebration of many things: traditional recipes handed down through generations; farm-fresh produce hand-picked and carefully prepared; a slow and unhurried cooking process; a family gathered around the dinner table enjoying a simple yet nourishing meal.

At SOOP we honor the traditions of a good bowl of soup. We make all products by hand with our own stocks and natural ingredients. We also strive to use the best organic and locally-grown produce available. We hope you and your family will enjoy our creations for lunch or evening meal.

Our Menu
Each week at SOOP we hand make six or more fresh soups, chowders and chilis plus each weekend we offer a special “weekend stew”. Our weekly menu changes depending on the fresh produce that is in season. We also feature soups to celebrate traditional holiday meals. Click on This Week at SOOP for our current menu and prices. If you’d like to be included in our email announcements for the menu of the week, click Join Email List.

SOOP Background
SOOP was founded in 2004 by Marc Kelley and Linda Della. We both grew up eating fresh homemade soups and stews and love to make them at home. But in our busy lives, we realized that fresh homemade soup can be difficult for many people to prepare. Most soups, when made from scratch, require a wide variety of fresh ingredients and a long and uninterrupted cooking process. This is especially true if you want to use organic produce and homemade stocks where the flavors and quality come from fresh ingredients and patient simmering. So we decided to make such a product for ourselves and for our friends. As our “soup friends” list grew and grew, we decided to open SOOP!

SOOP the Origin of Our Name
S-O-O-P is an early English spelling of the word for “soup” found in Robert May’s The Accomplished Cook, one of the first cookbooks ever published, in 17th Century England. We chose the simplicity of this original spelling for our name because we wanted to return soup to its respectable heritage, a nourishing and wonderful meal, uncompromised by processing and packaging, and made fresh, organic and oh so flavorful.

SOOP Founders

Marc Kelley
Marc, born in Munich, Germany, is a co-owner and drives the culinary vision for SOOP. Marc has always had a passion for cooking instilled at an early age by his Swedish mother who was a fine and adventuresome cook. Early in his career, Marc cooked in many restaurants in the Sacramento and Mammouth Lakes areas. He then embarked on a twenty-year career in the produce industry first for Felix Costa and Sons cherry growers in Lodi and then in international sales for Paramount Export Company of Oakland. There he managed sales of fresh fruits and vegetables, sourcing California, Oregon and Washington produce for customers in Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East. In his global travels, Marc was intimately exposed to the cuisines of many cultures and reminded of the universality of soups. His travels also made him realize how important it is to highlight the growers’ efforts in the products we eat and sell. Marc has a Bachelors Degree in International Economics from UC Davis, including one year study at Lund University in Sweden. Marc is an avid hiker and cyclist.

Linda Della
Linda, born of Italian immigrant farming family in the Central Valley of California, is the other co-owner of SOOP. After ten years in the grocery /consumer products industry first at the Clorox Company in Oakland and then as Director of Marketing (US and Canada) at Sun Maid Raisins, Linda became co-founder and Vice President of Marketing for a software start-up company where she helped build a thriving business from scratch. After taking a couple of years off to adopt a baby from China, Linda joined with Marc to start SOOP. Linda’s understanding of consumers’ grocery needs , love of soups and desire to create fresh meals that are nutritious and easy for busy families drives her goals for SOOP. Linda has a Masters Degree in Business from UC Berkeley and is an active volunteer in the Berkeley Public Schools.